Wrike is a versatile and powerful online project management and work collaboration platform that enables teams to deliver work together with speed and efficiency and manage the resources that they have.  It helps users manage and track a project from beginning to end,  have a full control over tasks and coordinate projects with a straightforward user experience and interface. 

Wrike has tools that allow users to simply project planning, centralise communication and streamline workflow, even when working remotely. Users can manage and track projects, deadline, schedule and other workflow processes, as well as collaborate with each other. The product makes it easy for team members to see all their teams’ projects with real-time reports. Wrike can handle work flows that are relatively simple and also more complex projects. 

Within each project, users can include tasks and specific actions to be finished in order to complete a goal. A project owner is able to delegate tasks to team members, set due dates, add file attachments and include a detailed description of the work that needs to be completed. Members can then write comments and questions on folders, projects and tasks or post emojis. 

It is a perfect fit for medium sized and enterprise companies that thrive on team collaboration, run multiple projects and clients simultaneously. It has the flexibility to allow growing companies to scale up or to quickly implement ready-made solutions to specific requirements, such as agile project management, marketing, or professional services automation. 

Wrike is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Russian. The primary goal of the software is to help streamline workflow and allow companies to focus on core tasks.

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