Onboard your internal and
external teams easily & securely!

Share your encrypted data with any of your organization's internal or external teams


On/Offboarding Management

If you are an organization is working with many external people and organizations or you are going to share your sensitive data with a team outside of your company or a big corporation working with multiple partners, TOOLUP is a perfect solution for you!

All in One Solution

One place to manage all your employees and partners—onboarding, offboarding, sharing encrypted credentials, and everything in between.

For Employees:

Organization can onboard its team members and give them access to the general tools the organization uses. Assign them to different teams the same way any other organization needs to do that.

For Partners, Clients, and Freelancers:

For onboarding your partners, the Organization can add them and from there add as many projects they want to each partner. It is possible to add all internal and external teams who are engaged in each project and define who is the lead of the project (highest access to everything).

Organization can request or the partners can share all the authentications and passwords, documents, and links (bookmarks) related to each specific project. The lead of the project can decide to share each of these items with whom.


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Why Choose Toolup?

Strong end-to-end encryption

Share all credentials with end-to-end encryption and decryption.


Allow encrypted credentials to be opened by other TOOLUP users with their own passwords.

How to get started?

Create project

Add encrypted auth and docs

Share (internal and external )

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