Trello is a work management tool that helps you sort all your projects into boards for better organisation and assists you in staying on top of your work. Trello is a project management utensil that contains boards, lists and cards for organisation and it is kind of a whiteboard that you can access anywhere and anytime, use it for your personal projects as well as work related tasks. 

The dashboard consists of your projects and tasks, and lets you know what’s being worked on, who is working on what, and what is in the process of starting, as well as what is there to do. 

It is a very visual tool which makes it simple to use and makes organisation and collaboration easier. Each card has the option to include plenty of important information and it lets team members know who is working on what. You are also able to collect all your tasks for the day or the week into lists but still having a broad overview of everything to do and plan for what to do next. 

In boards, you are able to include pictures, links, comments and so much more, as well as share your boards with other members who can add to your to-do lists as well.

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