Sketch is a simple vector-based digital design app for Mac that enables users to create, prototype, collaborate and turn your ideas into incredible products with an ideal digital design platform. It is a leading design app for UX and UI designers, but it can be used for other types of design projects as well. 

Designers can apply effects and modifications as they want without fear of destroying their original data files and the designs you are able to create are very close to a finished HTML/CSS result or a web page. Sketch contains a wide range of plugins that are easily installed that expand its functionality.

Sketch offers a shared Cloud workspace for the whole team, where all team members can access the designs in real time. Organisations are also able to invite clients and external parties to collaborate on a document. People are able to comment on each other’s files and give feedback on designs. Moreover, developers can examine the designs and export them with only a link. 

With Sketch, you pay for the app only once, and you are able to keep it forever. You also receive a licence for one year where all updates are included. After that, you are still able to use the app but without the updates unless you purchase a new licence. 


Starting Price: US$99.00

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