NetSuite is a cloud-based software with the aim to help small and medium size organisations run their business operations efficiently all from one platform. It unifies core business processes such as financial management and planning, order management, product management, supply chain management, production management, warehouse and fulfillment, procurement and suitepeople. As the platform is so flexible, it can be used for many different organisations and it helps them reduce operating costs and increase competitive advantage. 

It includes no hardware, no large and upfront license fees, no maintenance costs and no complex installations. NetSuite helps businesses empower their workforce and make it possible to work from anywhere, while also reducing IT costs by 50% and increasing financial close by 20-50%. Furthermore, it cuts your order-to-cash cycle by more than 50% and reduces days sales outstanding by 10-20%. Users are able to customise and personalise their workflows, dashboard and scale up their business as well as achieve end-to-end visibility across the entire company. 


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