Description is a cloud-based collaboration software that allows organisations to create and manage their projects and teams in a more transparent way, which results in long-term success. It is a highly customisable teamwork tool used for creating workflows, transparency, collaboration and general project planning and management. can be used in teams, departments, leaders, organisations for all kinds of projects and processes. It is a collection of highly customised spreadsheets in which everyone on a team logs the tasks they need to complete and updates them with status reports and other information. That is how every team member can see all active tasks and their progress, which makes it easy to pass work along amongst team members. 

What makes stand out of the crowd is its flexibility. Users can customise their application accordion to their needs and make it their own. Its modern and attractive interface is easy to use, and you can see all your projects and tasks on the front page, with colours, graphs and shapes, to make your boards more visual. It aims to centralise all communication in one space so that everyone is aware of all important information, and it makes it easy for teams and team members to communicate and collaborate. In the dashboards, you can make summaries, reports and more.  

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