Microsoft teams


Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform that can be used to boost teamwork through collaboration and communication. Microsoft Teams also offers workspace chat and meet file storage, and application integration, team discussions, online meetings, and more. 

It is an extremely user-friendly new chat-based workspace incorporated in Microsoft 365 - formerly known as Office 365. It's integrated with all the Microsoft applications, including Skype and the traditional Microsoft Office apps including Outlook. It is convenient for large corporations where their team spans all around the globe, or companies that work remotely. 

Teams is established by groups of employees from different departments,  such as the PR department, marketing, etc and each team is made up of individual “channels” that give attention to a certain topic, such as a work project. In these channels, members are able to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other and post relevant updates and information. 

With Microsoft Teams you are able to manage your personal life and chat with people, make plans, share shopping lists, tasks, and even your location, coordinate events with your fellow club or family members, and make decisions quickly and efficiently. It is a hub to help you stay connected and organised in order to achieve more. 


Microsoft teams is incorporated in Office 365 for free, hence all Office users are able to take advantage of its features.

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