Livestorm is a browser-based webinar platform that was designed for easier and more efficient hosting of online events. It can be accessed from any browser on desktop and mobile device, so there is no need to download any additional apps.  Hosts can add personal branding to their webinar room. 

 It offers a wide variety of tools to foster participant engagement and it assists you in holding conversations, implementing polls, and answering questions. It also makes it easy to create and embed different forms such as registration forms. 

Users can also send emails, reminders and personalised messages to participants and increase their engagement. Every session can be recorded, which allows attendees to replay it whenever they wish. 

Livestorm is great for a business of any size, from large enterprises to individual hosts. For example, sales people can host product demonstrations that will increase sales as the customers can exchange questions and give feedback. Furthermore, Livestorm can also be used for online courses, interviews, live streamed online events, real-time Q&As. 

Besides online activities, it offers tools for post-webinar analytics, audience segmentation, and lead management. Hosts can obtain names, email addresses, companies and job titles of the attendees which can then be sent to sales and marketing managers for their campaigns. This can also be forwarded to third-party applications or native integrations.

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