GitLab is an open source complete DevOps platform that acts as a single platform that teams use for collaboration purposes for software development. It supplies free open and private repositories, issue following capabilities, and wikis. Their aim is to deliver a platform where everyone can contribute and it creates a streamlined software workflow and a location to store online codes.  It is also a system for managing Git repositories and allows you to deploy meaningful version control for your code easily. The application helps organisations and teams to decrease their product life cycles and raise their productivity to provide more value for their customers. 

It includes built-in version control, issue tracking, code review, CI/CD, and more. Developers are able to self-host GitLab or use a cloud provider. 

GitLab has a user-friendly web interface and the possibilities of managing permissions. It can be described as a user-friendly layer on top of Git with visual workflow that makes it faster and easier to work with Git. Moreover, it helps the new developers that joined your business to get started and get updated on the project, get an overview of it and check the progress. 

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