Calendly is a simple,  easy-to-use, straightforward, yet powerful calendar setting application that allows people to schedule their meetings, appointments, or events online with no hassle. It aims to save time, accelerate sales, and improve service quality. It reduces the back-and-forth communication trying to find a date that fits all parties, instead, you can simply share a link with your availability inside, while the other person chooses a date that works best for them based on your available openings. They don’t even need to use Calendly to be able to book a time sloot with you. This allows hot prospects to connect right away and ensures that they are not lost with phone and email tags. 

How it works: 

It works simply and beautifully: all you need to do is to set your availability preference, share the link with clients, colleagues, etc. and let them pick a time for the event, which is automatically added to your calendar. It’s more efficient and simplified compared to traditional appointment scheduling solutions, and it makes it easy for users to set up, use, and manage the scheduling of appointments and more.

Setting uo your account is really easy as well, all you have to do is log in with your email address and you have an option to sync it up with your Google Calendar immediately. 

The Calendy app: 

The perfect addition to your desktop application, which gives you the possibility to schedule while you are on-the-go. With its’ function to copy and paste your scheduling links into an email, text, or any other app, it is very convenient for when you are in a rush. 

On the app, you are also able to access your scheduled meeting details such as answers to your invitee questions, phone numbers or even joining a video call without having to leave the app. And if needed, the app allows you to cancel or reschedule any upcoming appointments. 


The free version of Calendly  allows you to schedule unlimited events, but only one type of event. 


Option of centralised billing: one easy payment that covers all users’ subscriptions. 

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