Basecamp is a communication and project management software that enables its users to divide their work into smaller projects that hold all the necessary information such as assignees, documents, dates, files and more. Basecamp got founded to make work easier and for users to be able to track their progress. It is intended for team collaboration so that everyone knows what is going on, as well as for personal needs. Since the application includes a Schedule feature, it will remind you of your upcoming tasks so that you can stay on track. It is also useful for assigning priorities, breaking down projects and communication between members in real-time on their message board. 

It is for less traditional project management tasks and with to-do-lists, calendars, due-dates and file-sharing, Basecamp provides a way for teams to keep track of priorities and actionable items. 

It is not specific for a single industry and can therefore be utilised by any organisation that needs to effectively manage a group of people and stay on top of their projects. Users can sign into Basecamp from anywhere, anytime through their web browser or a mobile device, when they download their mobile application. 

Basecamp keeps project communication all in one place, links the tools that you already use such as Google Drive and Drive files, Google Calendar and it makes it easy to collaborate with coworkers straight from the app by inviting them to work on your project and assign them to different tasks with the tag their names option that will notify them.


Basecamp Personal: free

Basecamp Business: 99.99 $ per month

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