Asana is a software-as-a-service web and mobile application that specialises in workflow management and team collaboration. It helps teams manage their work through organisation, tracking and communication. It is one of the most widely used project management tools currently on the market, making teams stay focused on current and future projects, daily tasks and their goals in order to grow and expand their business. 

The tool takes the teamwork concept and elevates it a step further, promising that everything team related can be done within the web or mobile application, eliminating the need for email and constant meetings. Through Asana, everyone in the team knows what they have to do, why the task is important and how to do it. Moreover, businesses are able to manage, collaborate, communicate and organise their tasks and projects all in one simple app, making it easy to handle multiple projects simultaneously and hence making it suitable for companies of all sizes. Teams within the organisation are also able to create projects, assign work to other teammates, specify deadlines,  and talk to each other from the app. 

Since everyone likes to work differently, Asana enables you to plan and structure your work in a way that fits best for you in order to stay organised and on top of things. It conveniently lets you set priorities and deadlines, share details and assign tasks—all in one place. To stay on track, it allows you to follow projects and tasks through every stage. You know where work stands and can keep everyone aligned on goals.

To help you meet deadlines, the platform lets you create visual project plans to see how every step maps out over time. With it it’s much easier to pinpoint risks and eliminate roadblocks, even when plans change.


There is a free version.

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