Workplace from Facebook


Workplace by Facebook is a mobile and web application that aims to connect the entire organisation. It is most known as a team communication and messaging application, but its users are able to do many other things such as create groups, develop team projects, schedule meetings, organise events, share news and information as well as collaborate with other companies. The feature called Multi-Company Groups lets employees from different organisations to work together on the platform. 

Employees can create profiles on the platform and connect with others from different departments or join groups with teammates who share the same interests. Companies on the other hand, use Workplace as a place where all employees can communicate with each other and send group messages. Events can also be organised and videos recorded or live streamed. 

It is designed to cater to businesses but it keeps many tools that are familiar to its users of the social media platform. However, registering for a Workplace account is completely separate from your existing Facebook profile and it is done using your work email address, hence it is completely separate from the personal accounts. 

Workplace also includes a dashboard with analytics and it allows integration of other 

apps like Office 365, G-Suite, Sharepoint and Jira so that sharing files or work tracking can be done from one place. Companies can integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems as well. 

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