Smartsheet is a leading cloud-based software that helps with team collaboration, project management, team task management, crowdsourcing, sales tracking, event planning, tracking of marketing campaigns and more. It works similar to a spreadsheet, as it performs tasks that would take much more time if they were to be done manually. However, it is much more powerful and customisable. 

Its main functions are planning, tracking, automating and reporting, to make it easier and faster for businesses to finalise their projects and tasks. Smartsheet aims to provide solutions to mission-critical, high-value work processes and makes budgeting, planning and management easier as well as make customer experience better. 

It is easily accessed from any browser and device and it combines the use of spreadsheets with tools like timeline management, file sharing and group discussions and workflow management. It is easy to use and very familiar to businesses, as many companies use spreadsheets for tracking of different business operations. 

Smartsheet can be used by companies in various different industries from retail, education to technology and construction and it is designed for teams of different departments and roles such as project management, IT, Marketing, Software Development and more. 

It allows for 3rd party integrations with softwares like Google Apps, Box, and Salesforce. 

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