Slack is a proprietary business communication and channel-based messaging platform used to manage productivity and improve team efficiency. More than 750.000 companies worldwide already use Slack to communicate with their team. 

Slack allows companies to gather their team communication and collaboration all in one place so that everyone stays informed on important topics. Users of the app are able to communicate with their team members one-on-one or in groups, as well as create different channels of communication for various topics, making sure everyone stays informed and up to date. Furthermore, on Slack, you are able to upload files and integrate other apps and services to it, making it easy to include information from different sources. Such as syncing your Google calendar or Skype to the app, even though Slack also allows for voice or video calls between members. 

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The free Slack version allows the team members to access its basic features. Slack’s free version permits users to search up to 10.000 most recent messages and use up to 5GB of storage.

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