InVision is a digital product design and development platform that helps development professionals and businesses of all sizes create and manage prototypes. Essentially, it is a prototyping tool where designers can create mockups and turn them into interactive prototypes, which gives a more realistic portrayal of how it will look like when finalized. When the prototype is ready, it makes it easy to share with your team or clients and more effective than sending out a PDF or screenshots. 

Its users can collaborate, test and experiment with new design platforms and take control of the design process. With InVision, you are able to create interactive mockups for your wireframes and share them with “live” audience, which allows them to interact with the model as if it was a functioning app or website already, with only one link to the designs.  That gives businesses crucial feedback through real-time on the screen, comments on the page or even comments of specific elements and it allows for the communication to be all in one place, which decreases the need for multiple back and forth emails. 

InVision also supports plugins, hence you are able to sync your designs from a different design app directly to InVision, decreasing the need for standalone files. It also makes the process of handovering the designs to the developer very simple. It also makes it extremely easy to control your designs in InVision. When you upload your screens, it presents them in a way that mimics an actual web browsing experience. 


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