G Suite is an enterprise productivity suite of collaboration products for teams and small businesses provided by Google Cloud that consists of popular cloud applications. It's all you need to do your best work together in one location.

G Suite enables organisations to store important files and documents on the cloud and share them with employees who require access to them in order to complete their tasks and work smarter. It is a gathering of enterprise-based applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, Drive etc and Google offers it with a monthly subscription which price depends on the business needs.

Even though many of these applications are already available for free for everyone, G suite includes enterprise-level functions for its subscribers, such as unlimited cloud storage, shared calendars, advance admin controls. It also includes an ability to active/deactivate mobile devices and control which apps are enabled. Moreover, G Suite allows its subscribers to customise their email address for their domain to look like “someone@yourdomain.com”.

App list:

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There is an option for a free 14-day trial before signing up. 

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