ClickUp is one of the highest rated project management tools out there that offers team collaboration and shared task-setting functions. However, it is more than just tasks management, its aim is to be the app that replaces all other apps. It includes docs, reminders, goals, calendars, inbox and more. It is great for team communication and collaboration, project planning and management. Its ability to be fully customised makes it a great platform for any team and organisation. 

Its goal is to increase the team's productivity as it removes the need of having to work on many different applications simultaneously. It includes features like Assigned Comments, LineUp, and Box view to make managing people easier. 

Users of ClickUp can assign tasks and comments to specific teams or team members and add custom statuses to these comments, such as “in progress” or “resolved”. Users can also set notifications to be delivered only for specific items and comments can be edited after posting them. This makes projects easy to manage and makes sure everyone on the team knows what’s going on and who is doing what. 

As other project management platforms out there, ClickUp allows for integration of other 1.000 + applications as well.  

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